The most popular excursion in Africa is in the largest safari park; Tsavo National Park, famous for its red elephants and man-eating lions, and vast species of birds.
In our program the departure from the hotel scheduled for 6:00, where the safari will start. The first phase, the ruins of Gede, a short journey back into the past of the ancient city in Watamu. Around 08:00, the safari journey begins on the dirt road, about 2 hours after arriving at the camp.



  • Day 1
    06:30 Departure from hotel
    07:00 Arrival in Gede for the tour
    08:00 Departure from camp
    11:00 Arrival to camp / welcome drink / check-in
    Walking safari along the Galana River accompanied by Maasai personnel
    12:00 Launch and relax on the pool
    15:00 Game drive in Tsavo est
    17:30 Night game drive in Kulalu ranch
    20:00 Return to camp / shower / appetizer around fire / dinner
  • Day 2
    05:00 wake up and coffe / tè
    05:30 breckfast in restaurant
    06:00 Game drive in Tsavo est
    11:00 Return to camp
    12:00 Launch
    14:30 Start return to hotel
    17:30 Arrival in hotel

Minimo 4 pax, fresh water available during the trip